Friday, September 12, 2008

New York Collections: Suede

A slutty fairy princess costume. I can't imagine any woman over 6 years old wearing that lackluster get-up. It's all just so froufrou and cake-y.

Ugh. Fringe skirts are bad, but a necktie fringe skirt is just the stupidest, fashion schooliest route anyone can take. The top is too baggy and the skirt is too shiny (and plasticy; it looks like he made that skirt from beach umbrella clippings). I mean, it looks like something a spoiled little girl would wear when playing dress-up in her gay father's closet. 

Finally, something that isn't sickening! The colors are a bit of a miss, but the bodice is decent-looking, if a little bulky, and the band at the bottom is a nice touch. The skirt is very bouncy and flowy. It's just so simple and uninspired, and it doesn't fit well with the rest. 

Good lord what a disaster! It's like something Christian designed if he were twelve and on crack. The colors, fabrics, and execution are just horrible. 


Slutty! Tacky! Fringey! Seriously, what the hell was he thinking with this collection? Was his message "Grown women should be dressing up as little girl hookers"? Poor Nazri can never walk down a runway in Bryant Park in something tasteful.

A table-cloth dress, great. Honestly, what the hell? The prints conflict, the colors are sickly sweet and that friggin' bow is just stupid. And a detachable skirt? Bitch, please, it's not stagewear. 

Horrible fit. Hideous bodice. Crinkled pants. Umbrella fabric jacket. Whatever.

He's still rocking the fabric he bought at that patio outlet store, eh? That one ruffle is interesting, and surprisingly "fashion-y" but it still flops. 

This is what every white-trash six year old girl wants to wear on her wedding day. 

You know, I've given a lot of grief to Santino for producing the worst collection ever, but Suede takes the cake. Literally. His childish, pastry collection was poorly executed, uninspired, and doesn't define a good design point of view or a clear market in the fashion world. If he isn't a decoy, there's no justice.   

Video with commentary here.

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Anonymous said...

i LOL you are right on. This was a disaster!