Saturday, September 13, 2008

New York Collections: Korto

Korto has been my favorite since the very beginning, and I think we all knew it was obvious that she was going to Bryant Park after the first challenge. Her collection didn't disappoint. The African, nature inspiration was a very good jump off, mainly because I feel it really represents Korto as a designer; too often designers choose themes that are too narrow (Rami/Joan of Arc, Santino/40's Hollywood Glamour) and they end up not showing their whole range of looks. Korto, however, already seems to be rocking that vibe, and it makes perfect sense for her to make a collection based on that, with no reservations of being pigeon-holed. 

There's no question; this is gorgeous. Gorgeous color, gorgeous fabric, gorgeous silhouette, and gorgeous styling. I loved the jewelry and fans throughout this collection. Maybe it's a little simple, but it's striking nonetheless. 

Again, credit's due for the color and fabric. It's neutral and not overwhelming, but it doesn't wash her out. The blouse is a little too similar to her "Lipstick Jungle" challenge for my taste, but it's still nice to see because the volume is signature Korto and, surprisingly enough, this collection lacked a little in that department.


Once again, she all hits the marks, everything about this look is incredible. 

Okay, and it's a little slutty. Very slutty, actually. You can probably see her kooch from another angle. I can understand her wanting a micro mini...but I think I'll chalk this up to poor model selection. On a shorter girl it might not have been so vulgar. 

Fabulous! It's fresh and intricate and just enough. I wish she had included more pants like these in this collection, though.

This, I felt, was the only odd one out. It fits in with the theme, certainly, but the colors are a little dull in comparison to the rest, and thus draw negative attention to themselves. And it's such a boring dress, anyway. You can find this in any Macy's. 

Very pretty, if a little dull. 

Fabulous! Fun, flirty, marketable, and with pure impact.

Impeccable, what else is there to say? Maybe it's a little Zac Posen-y (and I hate to invoke his name yet again in these critiques; I don't like him). 

I love the pleating and the straps at the top, and, again, it's just a fun flirty look with a great color.

Pretty. Maybe a little uninspired for her final look, but it's a great dress.

I guess the only real complaint with this collection was that it is not very innovative, and maybe a little repetitive, and I think that will cost her the win. But, all in all, this was a very professional, sellable collection that represented Korto as a designer to a T. 

See them glide here.

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