Sunday, September 21, 2008


                                    grateful dead wallpaper

I got excited for the first time in a while when I read that there was going to be a human Be-In in Central Park; I grabbed my love beads and patchouli oil and set out. 

Turns out I should have just stayed cynical. No pot, no LSD, no nudity, no protesting, no singing, no dancing, no lovemaking. Just haughty actors who, while not staying within their own circle, lackadaisically handed out flowers (roses of all things! and plastic daisies! plastic!) and grapes from Gristedes. How disappointing to see that no youth or vigor can be stirred up for one of the most important philosophies that may ever exist: Peace. Especially in a time of war. 

But that's not what cinched it for me; once I saw a skinny blonde girl pull an iPhone from her Marc Jacobs bag, I was out of there. As much as I can respect the certain accouterments that go hand in hand with the modern consumer, there's just a disconnect from reality that stems from said materials. And a Be-In is not the place for a disconnect.  

Perhaps we will never relive 1967; and maybe that's a good thing. Let us strive to create our own gatherings and offerings for peace. 

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.kate said...

glad I couldn't make it?

It doesn't sound like you had much fun. I did however make it to Central Park today, and all I saw was David Blaine hanging upside down

it. was. not. impressive.