Friday, September 12, 2008

New York Collections: Joe

It's a little ironic the guys were so bad this year, no? Considering the majority of winners have been male...


This is probably the only piece I really like in Joe's collection. The boucle jacket is pretty, kind of sophisticated, but not stale or boring. Not crazy about the pairing with those leather pants, or the belt, and the colors are little ehn, but the jacket is almost...well, Chanel-like. Almost.

You know, I worry that if I express my distaste for this dress I'll be called un-American. It's not all that bad,'s just too literal and maybe a little too patriotic. The dress is very simple, and oh boy is the styling terrible! She looks unkempt. 

Bleh. Bare midriffs are usually tacky, and this collection is full of them. And jeez, Joe, I thought you were straight, but those pants are flaming! 

It's a little apron-y, and maybe a little too Western. The front zip is nice, but it's very Prairie kitchen chic.

Too simple, and borderline ugly print. Not something fit for a Runway. And those shoes? Bleck.

Howdy, cowgirl. Eh, maybe Anne's's kind of cute. The skirt more so than the bodice, but still...

I guess even Osage County has hookers. 

And they need clothes, too.

Why did Suede help?

Wow. Okay, abandon the Western Americana theme (because it was working out so well) and go on to, what? Harriet Powers as a Biker Chick?

I never saw the appeal to Joe; I can understand that he probably does have a client base, and that I just simply don't care for his aesthetic. I can get on board with just having different tastes; but this whole collection was just a tad too slutty and leather tuscadero to be considered "chic" or "fashion forward". As a designer with very specific cliental, he's fine, I suppose. But he has no business at Bryant Park. 

Runway here. Oh, and nice job taking Project Runway music instead of having a private composer do it for you. 

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