Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What the Fall?

I just noticed my first September post...where did the summer go? 

Looking back to July I remember all the good times I had...staying awake all night, sleeping during the day, watching Weeds, writing, designing, thinking... all the while hoping for school to start. 

Despite how much I wish I were a little more appreciative of the time I--and all of us--have, I think it's inevitable that we will never live in the moment. We constantly envision the future, but more so, we idealize the past, all the while forgetting to stop and smell the roses. I guess it's sort of an existential debate, though, considering the "present" never really exists except for the shortest measurable amount of time...

I guess it's apropos we're going into Autumn, the ultimate season of transition. Let's make the effort to change and appreciate the present. 

Adieu, summer! 

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