Friday, September 12, 2008

New York Collections: Kenley

I might have to say I like Kenley's collection best. Not because each piece is flawless (far from it) or that it's very fashion forward (it's not) but because it really speaks to who Kenley is and her personal style. I think she had the most fun with making this collection, and I could see she put a lot of work into it (especially the hand painted stuff). And she styled the models beautifully, and spaced out the collection perfectly, hitting each mark from start to finish. Everything was made beautifully, and even though she has a few clunkers, there's no doubt in my mind that she's in the final 3. There's no doubt that she will come in third, too.

I like this a lot. The asymmetry is well done, and the skirt is draped beautifully. Bettie Page knows how to make clothes, that's clear. Maybe it's a little busy, and that belt is stupid, but it's very fun.

This was too 80's. In fact, I'm pretty sure Rose Nylund had a blouse exactly like this. I do like the fabric, though.

 The prints and colors clash, and that whole tumor skirt-idea is done, but the more I look at it, the less I find it offensive. It might have worked with a different fabric for the side ruffle. 

Pretty. A little reminiscent of her first challenge outfit, and maybe a little too simplistic. 

Betsey Johnson. Very derivative, but I still love it. And it's a masterpiece of construction. 

Very sophisticated and classy. Probably the only one out of the bunch. I love the high feather neck, but the color is very out of place here.

This is just beautiful. Maybe a little too cute, a little too girly, but there's a level of sophistication to it that brings it up from the puerile.

The print's an almost-but-not-quite. Too Easter Parade. But I will give her a lot of credit, because I believe it's hand-painted, and you can't deny it looks professional. And it's a fairly simple silhouette. Do not like.

I actually love this. Yes, it's a tad clowny, but that jungle green blouse and black party skirt are just kind of fun and breezy; it's exactly what you would find from Kenley. 



Yes, very 50's, very party dress, very beautiful, very fun. But very McQueen. In fact, this is just a complete rip-off from Alexander McQueen's highly praised Fall 2008 collection. I don't buy that she "Doesn't follow collections" and if she really doesn't? No, I don't see how it's possible to make a carbon copy of a McQueen. Even Christian never did that.

See them bounce here.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008:
Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear 

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Syncopation said...

I have to say I'm a little surprised and disappointed on the final three. But aside from that, I really do agree the Kenley's is the best. Nice job on piecing them together, it does look like the natural order.