Friday, August 8, 2008

Review Times Two

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After falling in love with her writing talents on HBO's Six Feet Under,  I decided to delve a little deeper into researching Jill Soloway. After finding out many different bits and bobs about her (including a humorous story she penned entitled "Courtney Cox's Asshole") I discovered her first book: Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants. A book of funny, personal essays, she made me laugh while making me think. It's not as if the book was so scholarly or deep, but there's a small thread sewn between all of her stories characterized by neo-feminism, vague misanthropy and unconventional thinking. 

Even though some entries are slow and frivolous (Jill honey, I understand your dislike for dogs, but who the hell cares to hear you rant about it for so many pages?), Ms. Soloway doesn't disappoint with her three year old book.      

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.kate said...

I apologize for my lack of comments.

I am addicted to my Google Reader and it doesn't let me comment directly on the blogs. One of it's biggest downfalls.

Anyways, I am constantly reading, keep up the good work!

let me know if you want to get together in the city to do something inspirational or just gossip about upcoming school.

also, wondering if you bought a copy of Why We Buy and if so, can I borrow it?

Hope all is well.