Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sex and the Viv-y.

World renowned fashion designer, and personal idol/muse, Vivienne Westwood has spoken up about the Sex and the City movie! And she was not amused!

Well, what can be said? Viv is a goddess, no doubt, and she's entitled to her opinion. Personally, I thought the costumes (for the most part) were fabulous (although Pat could've lightened the Mugler load on Samantha), but it's understandable that she didn't think they were edgy enough. I do, however, find it a little rash on her part to walk out of the film after ten minutes, although I fear what she would do if she saw what they did to her collections during the Fashion Week scene! 

In other Viv news, her "Man" Summer collection showed in Milan and it is, as always, fabulous. Too bad this 'mo doesn't have the dough. 

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Kanani said...

It was a romp. A fun romp. I was in Palm Springs this weekend and it was horribly hot. So we went and saw a movie. Myself and the mostly gay audience shrieked and loved it. We didn't care what Vivienne Westwood thought, it was not a homage to her. Rather, she should be grateful for having her name dropped into the psyche of most people who would never have heard about her otherwise.