Sunday, February 22, 2009

New York Collections: Project Runway #2

This collection probably had the most ease and the most fun, but it teetered the lines of "unsophisticated" and "derivative" quite often. What was interesting, though, was how frequently it took inspiration from past Project Runway designers. The styling was atrocious, to boot. 

It's all right. Kara Janx meets Rami Kashou. Not crazy about the hip-widening skirt drapes, or the ill-fitting bodice, but the colors and fabrics are nice.

This was probably my favorite in the collection, but it's an old, old look, and this doesn't bring anything new to the table. I hate how the fabrics play off each other. And that hair! Nevertheless, it's whimsical and slightly wearable, which is more than can be said for the rest of this collection. 

I go back and forth on this one. I don't like the color, only because it isn't fresh, but I'm undecided about the braiding. It has that fairy-tale sort of look the collection's going for, but it falls flat as the only interesting aspect of the outfit. 

I liked this, and the pictures don't do it justice. The different layers looked effortless and soft. The silhouette reminds me very much of Sweet P, however, and the top of the bodice has a horrible, horrible shape.

Is this Project Runway Canada? Is Marie Genevieve pulling a Daniel Franco and coming back for a second try?

Feh, it's ok. The hem is heavy and distracting, but the fabric has a pretty quality and..well...the detail's something. 

I loved seeing this come down the runway, because I am always tickled when I see someone trying to move normally in something like that. Yes, it smacks of Kenley Collins and, while I liked her version better, this one is more tailored and, therefore, somewhat interesting. The top is poorly made and boring, though.

Ugh. That fabric is some weird faux-crocodile-vaguely-ostrich-silk that just looks cheap and miserable. And those shoes are stupid.

Rami Kashou! It even has his horrible sense of color, how adorable. 

Sort of looks like an old Chloe Dao bridesmaid dress, huh? The top doesn't fit, though, so I guess that's where the comparisons to the second-winner stop. At least she could sew something correctly, even if it was a terrible gold lame cocktail dress. 

I hate the outfit underneath, but something draws me to the cape. Not the color or the fabric, both of which are terrible and bland all at once, but it was kind of cute. 

Well, it pains me to say I liked this. It moved well on the runway, and I loved the color-shifting quality the fabric had. But, oy, look underneath! All that puckering!

Overworked, Kashouesque, but something saves it. Maybe the bland colors make it not-so-overwhelming. There's a lot of workmanship in it, so at least he/she tried. 

Well, it was a little too sweet, a little too fairy tale, and a lot too derivative for my taste, but it looks fun and there's actually color in it. I predict second place because, the first collection was just downright horrible. This at least had a few redeeming qualities.

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