Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Buses are Created Equal

The Times (New York, not London) has written a piece on an Atheist ad campaign to run on the sides of buses on the streets of England. Headed by great thinker and Bestselling author Richard Dawkins, it was conceived after a woman noticed religious ads on the sides of buses, and created as a counterpoint to said delusional propaganda. 

While I am biased towards the notion, I do believe that everything deserves equal attention, and if there are going to be Biblical quotes driving around, there may as well be ideas to the contrary presented. Cheers, Londoners! I can't wait for the streets of Manhattan to be riddled with similar advertisements. 

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Abbie, Syncopation said...

Yes, I am not sure of all the laws in England. But there is something called freedom of speech. So it work both ways. To say the campaign bugs {just because I don't agree with him, he hasn't done anything of belligerence} me would be me excercising my right to freedom of speech.