Saturday, October 11, 2008

Au Naturale

Recently, I had an enlightening chat with some girlfriends. Apparently, they have no inhibitions when it comes to seeing each other in the nude; it's completely platonic, naturally, and stems solely from the fact that they're comfortable and trusting of one another. I, apparently, do not have that luxury, because of one small (well, not that small) appendage. When asked with a more substantial explanation, however, I was met with scoffs and rolled eyes. Perhaps I'm naive, but I still do not understand why nudity is such a big deal. 

Waxing nostalgically on my sheltered high school days, I remember dreading gym class as the absolute worst torture man had ever invented; until, of course, I would see all of the guys naked. Call me a pervert, but it was the ultimate gratification to see the boy I had a crush on strip down to the buff. But, reminiscing without the glaze of hormones and unrequited love, I can see now how comfortable most of the guys were stripping down to nothing among their peers. I ask, why so comfortable? Why are we inclined to get naked only among members of the same chromosome legs, and not the other? Especially when we now know that it needn't be sexualized in any way? 

Perhaps coming from someone whose sole career ambitions include dressing people this may sound ironic, but why aren't we all naturists? In certain climates it understandable to pile on the gortex, but if you're comfortable, why not walk down 7th ave in nothing but a smile? Why must there be laws prohibiting something as natural as the exposure of the human body? The uptight puritans that run the world are sad, sad people. 

I say, if you feel like it, be naked. It's only natural. 

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.kate said...

I love this.

I walk around naked in Bed Stuy or at least partially naked about 80% of the time. And I don't have curtains... is that the same thing?

I wish it were more appropriate. But the world must be all buttoned up.