Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Boxes on the...border?

Well, the fourth season of Weeds started two weeks ago, and I am happy to report it's flying steadily along. With the revamp I feared the show had jumped the proverbial shark (we last left Nancy and co. fleeing their precious suburb as it burned to the ground, relocating to the seaside town of Ren Mar near the Mexican Border), but I realized something about the show: would we rather see it deteriorate over time in a rut, trying to pump out the same jokes with the same characters and the same setting, or take a chance and move on? Nancy is till Nancy, Celia is still Celia, Andy's still Andy...but the show is different. I think it was a good move to have a change of setting, because it keeps it fresh, and shows the growth of the characters without rewriting them completely. We'll see how the season pans out, but so far I have high hopes.

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