Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Testing the Waters...

Hmm....this is curious. Even curiouser because I'm almost positive no one is reading this except for me. In any event...where to begin? How about from the very beginning: the title. The word "Courier" typically means a messenger who transports goods or packages. But, it also can mean a messenger from an underground or espionage organization. In a matter of speaking, I am neither of those things. Not technically, at least. But, I would hope in some sense of the word, I am a courier. How? I don't know. But let's pretend. 

Now where to about me. I live in NY. Hence the other part of the title. I am a Democrat, a moderately liberal one at that. I'm gay. I'm a vegan. I'm a guy (at least biologically speaking...I have been called a girl more times than I have been called a boy, just so you know) I'm not a transgender individual, contrary to popular belief (just because I act effeminate does not mean I wish to be a woman; I like my penis very much). I like art. And fashion. And writing. And television. And film. I'm an extremely cynical misanthrope. 

How to wrap this up...oh, what I will be talking about on this blog. Umm....stuff? Okay, that's not good enough. I will talk about a variety of things: current events, politics, "hot topics", fashion, television, books, popular culture...basically anything that matters to my life. And hopefully yours.

Is anyone still with me? Or was I by myself to begin with?

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